Our athletes will be provided insurance this year to help with any unforeseen accidents that may occur. The district will be covering the cost of this through the activity fee that is paid. Some highlights include: 

- $25,000 Accident Medical Concussion Coverage (includes neurological follow up

- $0 deductible and no Co-pays

- $5,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

- No restrictions on specific doctors, no referrals needed for treatment

- No internal limits or specific procedure maximums

Definition of injury: For the Accident Medical Expense benefits, the following definition of injury applies.

1. Directly and independently caused by a specific Accidental contact with another body or object.

2. A source of loss that is sustained while the Insured Person is covered under the Policy and while he or she is taking part in a Covered Activity; and

3. Resulting in a concussion.