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Pembina Elementary Students of Quarter 2

Each quarter, one student per grade is selected as Student of the Quarter. Students of the Quarter are nominated by their teachers based on criteria of academic performance, character, behavior, effort, social relationships, and attendance. To celebrate their honor, students receive a certificate of achievement, a medal, and a gift certificate to a restaurant. Students chosen for the second quarter at North Border Pembina Elementary are Prekindergarten student Sarah Morrison, daughter of Jeremy and Erin Morrison; Kindergarten student Athena Mueller, daughter of Fritz and Michelle Mueller; first grader Isla Emerson, daughter of John and Tara Emerson; second grader Deegan LaPorte, son of Brian and Amanda LaPorte; third grader Baylor Tryan, son of Jason and Jessica Tryan; fourth grader Audrey Emerson, daughter of John and Tara Emerson; fifth grader Gage Arnes, son of Jeff Arens and Julie Winkler; and sixth grader Jordan Diemert, son of Eric and Samantha Diemert.


Congratulations to our 2nd quarter award recipients.