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  • Nick Amb, Principal
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Testing Season Begins

  • Testing Season

    Please read the following letter from Mr. Amb regarding state testing.

  • The Good News Call of the Week is new this year.  Of all the nominations for positive behavior, one is selected for a positive call home.  This week's Good News call is to Jacee's family.  She was nominated by our custodian for showing positivity and appreciation in the lunchroom.  She shines in many areas at school, and is a good friend to others at recess.  She is always smiling and makes our days better.  Great work, Jacee!!  We are proud of you!!


    Jacee J

  • Positive behavior nominations for the week of October 12-16

    Jayden, Tyson, Ryley.

    All three kids were nominated for their polite and respectful attitudes in the lunchroom.  Great job, guys!


    positive learner recognition

  • Family Update


    Please read this important update from Mr. Amb regarding student health/safety, conferences, and photo retakes!

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Grade Four Chalk Obstacle Course

  • We are doing what we can to get our kids out in the fresh air and sunshine for both PE and recess.

    Last week Mrs. Smith had the fourth graders build a chalk obstacle course.  They had a lot of fun and will do it again!



  • stay safe during covid

  • Updates


    1. As our community is dealing with Covid-19, we continue to rely on parents to monitor their child's health.   Thank you for reminding your kids about the importance of good hygiene and physical distancing.  We will get through all of this together!  

    2. PK parents, a communication is being sent home today regarding student pick up and drop off.  Please read.  It's important that parents and caregivers park and walk up to the sidewalk area near door 2 (the playground doors) to pick up and drop off their children.  

    3. There will be more picture days from Tweten's this year, so if your child was absent last week don't worry.   We will get him back here probably later this fall.


    Thanks for all you do for your kids!!  We sure appreciate you!


    If you would like to be included in elementary school updates, please click here.  It is a simple google form.  I will add your name and email to the distribution list.




  • Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!!

    We are fully in the swing of the year.  Things are going really well!!  Hats off to the kids, families, and staff who have all adapted so very well to start the year with some different procedures.  So far-so good!

    I would like all parents to take a moment to read the update posted below regarding our expectations if and when we must go to distance learning. 




    Keep in mind that we are now using SEESAW (PK-3) and Google Classroom (4-6) for the bulk of our day to day updates.  I will keep this page up as well.  We do have a district facebook page as well!


    Upcoming Events:

    September 22—Vision Screening- (Public Health). Vision—PK, K, 1, 3, 5.
    September 23—School picture day with Tweten Photography. Order blanks sent home as soon as we
    receive them.
    October 2—Hearing Screen for K-3 and any students with previous hearing difficulty.

  • Tom Gibson was our special guest.  He does conservation presentations on behalf of Pembina County Soil Conservation.  The two presentations he shared with our school were "WATER YOU DOING" and "Travels with Lewis and Clark."  Tom brings history to life and a conservation message to students!  Thanks for visiting, Tom!

  • This week has been homecoming.  We have had great participation in the elementary.  Here is one good example:  Paisley, Brayden, and Mr. Amb were all "rich" on "Rags to Riches" day!!!!




  • Read Across America Week March 2-5

    We will be celebrating READING the first week of March at

    Walhalla Elementary. 

    We have some special events planned and we

    hope that it will help encourage your student to keep reading!


    Please check out the link below for some great tips on how 

    you can partner with us at home to encourage your kids to read!




    Raising Readers-What Parents Can Do





    This year, students at Walhalla elementary are being recognized each quarter for their accomplishments.  Students are recognized for perfect attendance, growth in math or reading, and academic proficiency in math or reading.   We are proud to recognize their achievements! 


    Three Stars Award--This goes out to the top three in each division (early literacy, grades 1-3, and grades 4-6 who have shown the most growth as measured by the STAR benchmark tests.  They are as follows:

    Early Literacy:  Blake Rollness, Corbyn Blair, Caleb Bennett

    1-3 Reading: Gracelyn Moe, Josiah Carpenter, Aspyn Longtin.

    1-3 Math:  Abby Johnson, Jacee Johnson, Jayden Nelson

    4-6 Reading: Aunna Srnsky, Dustin Miller, Trystan Moore (Tie), and Tayla Bennett

    4-6 Math:  Tennyson Janke, Leah Dearinger, Jacy Fraser


    Green and Growing Award--Recognizes proficiency in math or reading and continued growth.

    Corbyn Blair, Jace Cluchie, Nolah Duerre, Zoey Lafferty, Deegan LaPorte, Blake Rollness, Waylen Staples, Martha Waters, Shealynn Anderson, Hudson Bailly, Asher Crosby, Aspyn Longtin, Gracelyn Moe, Spencer Berg, Jamison Braaten, Josiah Carpenter, Tyson Dunnigan, Kashlynn Janke, Austin Smith, Elijah Williams, Zander Duerre, Ryley Bennett, Amelia Carpenter, Kolter Kakela, Michael O’Connor, Marlie Stremick, Garret Willits, Adrienne Longtin, Bryce Carignan, Benjamin Carpenter.


    Top Dog Award--Highest Scale Score in Math and Reading in each division.

    1-3 Math:  Hannah Moore

    1-3 Reading: Kashlynn Janke

    4-6 Math:Ben Carpenter

    4-6 Reading:  Aunna Srnsky


    Positive Office Recognitions are given when adults in the school notice behavior that is in keeping with expected character traits and goes above and beyond.  Students are recognized for things like good citizenship, responsibility, showing empathy, kindness, sharing, academic achivement. This quarter we recognized  Dustin, Jaelyn, Colton, Brody, Lauren L, Asher, Hannah M, and Jalyn.

  • 12320

  • To:  Walhalla Elementary Families

    From:  Nick Amb, Principal


    January 14, 2020 Updates


    1. On Friday, January 17 we have a student who has arranged to bring her dog for show and tell.  The dog is a boxer named Lexi and she has all of her shots in order.  The dog will be supervised during the show and tell time.  Show and tell will be primarily for grades 4-6, but this note is going to all grades PK-6 to notify you should your child like to say hello to the pup.  If you would prefer your child not visit the dog, just let me know either with a call or an email at nicholas.amb@k12.nd.us.


    Per our student handbook, pets may be brought for a class visit on the approval of the principal and have documentation of vaccinations/medical health from a vet.

     Quarter 2 report cards will be finalized and printed this Friday.  They will go home with students either Friday afternoon or next Tuesday.

     Next Monday (MLK Day) is a teacher in-service day in Grafton with no school.


     4-H Archery starts this Sunday.  Check the note posted on the school website or give Kari at NDSU extension a call.  701-265-8411.

     Little kids wrestling began this Monday.  It is not too late to sign up!  Forms went home last week.  If you have questions, contact Luke Longtin or Ryan Girodat. 

     Recess guidelines—we have outdoor recess unless the windchill is -15F or colder.  Please make sure students have decent winter clothing.

     Illness—we have been fortunate at school but the community has seen some stomach flu/virus type illness.  Encourage good handwashing.  Kids with a temp of 100 or higher or who have thrown up should remain out of school until their temp is normal (without Tylenol) or in the case of throwing up, have had two solid meals.  Please keep in contact with myself or Janet regarding illness and absence for other reasons.  We appreciate the good communication!


    Thank you! 


    Nick Amb

    Elementary Principal

  • archery

    Interested in archery?  This is for ages 8 and up.  Contact Kari at NDSU extension with any questions.


  • Walhalla Elementary Students “Adopt” a Reading Buddy


    Reading at home is one of the most important ways children can practice and enhance the reading skills they are learning at school.


    Crystal and Dale Andersen visited the PK-4 students at Walhalla Elementary on Friday, January 10.  They spent some time with each group, with Crystal reading the story “What Pet Should I Get?” After story time, they distributed Ty Beanie Baby owls for the students to “adopt” as a reading buddy.


    All that is required that the student promise to keep their new friend clean and dry, and that they will read to their new friend at home for twenty minutes each day.


    The staff and students are so thankful that Crystal and Dale are spreading their love of reading with them!  A special thank you to the Ty corporation for donating the adopted buddies!


    Check out the slide show below.



  • 1234

  • We have a lot of holiday spirit here at Walhalla Elementary!  From door art to present making, lots of creativity!  We wish you a very happy holiday season!!



  • Staying in at recess

    I would like to share with everyone expectations for our outdoor recess time.

    In general, if kids are well enough to be at school...they should be going outside.

    Obviously, for every rule there are exceptions.  For example, some kids with asthma cannot handle extreme cold air--and that is understandable.   Some kids need an extra day just to get over a bug they are fighting, which is also understandable.

    But in general, if they are in school they should be going out.  

    Fresh air, sunshine, and movement are all good for kids.  They will not get sick due to being cold.  Illnesses are spread by germs, bacteria, and viruses.  

    If you feel your child should be staying inside, please give me a call to discuss or send a note from a medical provider.  If they do stay inside, they will not be able to be in their teacher's classroom as this is one of the few times teachers have to help prepare for upcoming instruction.  If it is the noon recess they will have to hang out with me in the lunchroom, and PM recess they will need to be in my office.



    Mr. Amb



Holiday Spirit at NBWE

Grade 3 Habitat Dioramas

  • This week we recognize three elementary students who are truly "on a roll!" 

    Dustin M. was selected for his motivation and hard work.  He has jumped many levels in reading in just over a quarter!

    Jaelyn F. was selected for contributing to a positive school culture.  Jaelyn had the idea (and did the artwork!) of making motivational posters

    to be displayed throughout the school.  Her efforts are much appreciated!

    Lauren was selected for how good she is to help our younger friends in the washroom and halls to stay organized and safe.  Thanks Lauren!!  

  • The sixth graders paired with our friends in PK to write letters to Santa Claus!!   

    pk-6 letters

  • positive


    This year we are recognizing both "GOOD" and "PERFECT" ATTENDANCE...Good is less than 2 absences per 9 weeks, or 95% attendance.  We recognize that with a shout out at the end of the quarter assembly.  Perfect attendance can be earned each quarter.  Here are the perfect attendance students in grades K-6 for quarter one.  Great job!!





Soaring October 4
  • This year we are going to be emphasizing some character traits in our school.  There are a number of things that one can do, with no innate talent, to improve.

    This was "borrowed" and adapted from another school, but I thought it so good I am sharing it here.  I'm calling it "The Eagle Way."


    The Eagle Way

  • 1

  • trees

  • GRA

  • Nice work Rhyder!  He is recognized for being one of our students who is "ON A ROLL!!"  Rhyder showed leadership and kindness assisting a PK student.  We are proud of him!!  


  • Vision and Hearing Screenings

    Vision--Tuesday September 24 9-11 AM


    Hearing--Sep 30  (K-3 and those with concerns)  



  • lunch

    We are a bit ahead of schedule.  I have lunch with one group every Friday.  I am interested in what they like about school, what they would change, and what they say we should never change.  It's a lot of fun.  We are small enough I can visit with everyone...this becomes a form of student council.  I have already had great ideas come from the kids about dismissal schedules from the lunchroom!   Of course a lot of it is just to make connections and they can see me in a different light.  I will keep everyone posted on LUNCH WITH THE PRINCIPAL! 


  • Once again at Walhalla Elementary, we are recognizing POSITIVE behavior referrals in this office.

    We do not have an elementary honor roll.

    We do have ON A ROLL.  These are kids that are truly on a roll, that we are proud of, that are making great gains.  The first referrals of the 19-20 year are posted below.



  • Thank you Miss Mercedez and Mrs. Amb for being guest Kindergarten teachers at the end of the day Friday!!  


Year End Activities 2019

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Today we are proud of three amazing students!  Jennie is so helpful according to her teacher.  She gives up her free time to help classmates.  She has been a great helper all year.  Aerial has worked so very hard this semester and has really showed gains in both math and reading.  Jascie is a cheerful presence, spreading joy wherever she goes!  We are proud of all of them!



  • Today we are proud of three wonderful students.  Parker S was referred for showing great honesty and character.  Jalyn was a good classmate, and willingly helps others around her learn.  Sawyer has been just such a hard worker all year!  We are proud of all three!  Way to go!!  




  • On Tuesday, May 7 the fourth grade students took part in an adventure for fourth graders held at Icelandic State Park and History Center!  What a great opportunity for all the kids in our county to see first hand some of the things they have learned about in North Dakota Studies this year!    If you happen to be on Facebook, search for Northeastern North Dakota Heritage Association.  They also have some great pictures!! The NENDHA Board and Icelandic Park Staff helped sponsor this great learning opportunity.  

    Grade 4 trip

  • parentnote

  • This week we recognize Hannah and Gabe!

    Gabe showed persistence and hard work.  He kept going until he got it!  His teacher is proud of him!

    Hannah was helping a classmate in math and showed great patience.  We are proud of you Hannah for being a good helper.  Way to go!







Grandparent's Day

  • Friday, May 3 we held the annual grandparent's day breakfast at the school here in Walhalla.  It was a fantastic turnout!!  Thanks to all the grandparents who took the time to come and eat with us.  You are appreciated!!



Brush Bunch Art Show

  • Friday, May 3 we were invited to a special opening of the Walhalla Brush Bunch Art Show.  This was a great opportunity for our kids to be exposed to the arts.  Thanks go out to all who helped to organize this opportunity for our students and made us feel welcome.  Thank you!!

  • We are very proud of many kids right now.  Testing season is coming to an end.  I can't tell you how proud I am of all of our students and teachers.  This has been an amazing school year!

    Specifically recognized this week are Lauren..for showing determination, hard work, and not giving up.  Jaci--has built a positive growth mindset and keeps working.  Brody is a hard worker and shows kindness...which is a core value at our school.  Ryley has shown positive attitude over the past couple of weeks.  We are proud of them all!



  • Molly showed great leadership when she reminded some friends we use nice words to talk about others.  GREAT JOB MOLLY!  


Soaring This Week!

  • Gavin was recognized for helping another student find a lost ball on the playground..and making sure others felt included during the game they were playing.  He had kind and encouraging comments for other kids.  Thank you Gavin for sharing kindness at recess!



  • Today we are proud of Tyson!  He was recognized for having great attitude and being a good classroom citizen.  He is willing to clean up without being asked, helps his friends, and shows kindness by lending supplies if others need them.  Way to go, Tyson!


Our School Will ROCK the TEST!!

  • rock

  • Upcoming Events Details

    1. Testing begins April 22 for Grades 3 and 4.  It will be two sessions of math, two of reading, and one of writing.  Please make sure your children have adequate rest and nutrition during these weeks.  Testing begins April 29 for grades 5 and 6.  We plan to be done by May 8.

    2.  We are inviting all grandparents to join their grandkids for a breakfast here in Wahalla.  It will be Friday, May 3 from 7:45 until 8:30.  The cost is $2.00 cash per adult.  Please join us!   A note will be going home with all kid Pk-6 Friday April 12.

    3.  Growing up classes through Pembina County Public Healthy May 7.  Permission slips were sent home earlier. If you do not have a permission slip, please reach out to your child's teacher.

    4. Grade 4 will be going to the County Museum on May 7.


    LOTS of things going on at NB Walhalla Elementary in the weeks to come!


  • Soaring This Week

    Today we are proud of Maksim.  During breakfast, he noticed one of his classmates had injured her ankle and he took the time to help her with her tray so she could have a good breakfast time.  Proud of you Maksim!!




    This week we recognize four kids for all being very HELPFUL.  It appears this week's theme is helping out classmates.  All four of these young people were observed by teachers for being helpful to a classmate.  They maybe found a book they needed or helped a friend with an assignment.  GOOD JOB!!

    hudson caylee




  • Soaring This Week

    Today we salute the following students who were given SOAR positive office referrals.

    Pierce P--for being a good citizen and showing kindness by going out of his way to hold a door for a staff member.




    Maksim--he showed kindness and concern by helping a K student with a lost book in his backpack.

    Marlie--Asked a trusted advice for how to handle a recess situation, allowing her to make great choices

    Ryley--Worked hard for a substitute teacher!

    We are proud of all these kids.  Great job!!



  • Soaring This Week


    Soaring this week is Lillian L.  She displayed great attitude and teamwork by offering to read with a friend to help them catch up with their reading goals.  Thank you Lillian!  

  • eagles

    The kids at recess were loving the 35 degree temps on Tuesday, and so was our proud Eagle!!

  • PK and K registration NOW OPEN for 2019-2020

    Parents are encouraged to register their preschool students now for the start of the 19-20 school year.  Preschool students must be 4 by August 1.  K students do not need to register if they attended PK this year.  Other new families to the district should register.

    Parents need an enrollment form (available at either Walhalla or Pembina sites), immunization records, and a copy of the child's birth certificate.

    Contact Mr. Amb in Walhalla at 549-3751 or Ms. Gruenberg in Pembina at 825-6261 for more information.


  • Deputy Mark Stops By

    Today Deputy Mark of the Pembina County Sheriff's Office stopped by to eat with the K-3 lunch.  He ate with grade 1 this time.  They were very excited to have a deputy with them at dinner.

    We hope to have Deputy Mark here every couple weeks sharing dinner with one of our primary classes to help build positive relationships!


  • We are celebrating READING MONTH this year in March! 

    We hope to develop kids into lifelong READERS who LOVE to read!   Our theme this year is Reading at the Beach.  We had buddy reading today and the kids had a great time.  Stay tuned for more fun activities as the month rolls along!




Soaring This Week!

  • all

    Great job kids!  These three assisted Mrs. Benoit with carrying in a large number of supplies from her car.  We are proud of you it is always nice to see great helpers!!

Reading Month 2019

  • beach

    Reading Month is here and our theme this year is READING AT THE BEACH! 

    Take a look at this awesome beach and imagine reading your favorite book while the sun keeps you warm!    We have tons of fun planned for this month to celebrate READING!!   What do you love about reading?   I enjoy learning new things through reading.  What do you read for?






    If you would like a pdf of this calendar, please click here




We All Soar

  • pierce

    Way to go Pierce!  He was referred by Dr. S. in the library for sharing and being a good friend.  We are proud of you!!

  • Some creative kids have been working hard on snow forts!  So much fun to be had at recess!!

Soaring This Week!

  • ld  

    Great work, Leah!  She was given a positive office referral for stopping to clean up a mess that was not hers!  Way to go!!

Good Attendance is Crucial!



Soaring This Week!


Winter Recess Guidelines


Soaring This Week!

  • all

    Great job Max, Flint, and Paige for showing kindness, empathy, and looking out for a classmate.  WAY TO GO!!

  • joe

    Way to go Josiah!  Josiah exhibited the positive character trait of HONESTY!   We are so proud Josiah.  Way to go!! 

  • North Border Walhalla hosts site spelling bee

    On Wednesday, January 23, 2019 eight students from North Border Walhalla 5-8 grade participated in the local spelling bee contest.  Participants were (L-R) Gracyen Hornug (5th), Colton Bailey (5th), Cora Carignan (6th), Paige Seeba (6th), Jenna Fraser (7th), Mary Calvillo (7th), Wyatt Brusseau (8th), and Nick Carignan (8th).  The top two winners: Cora Carignan and Paige Seeba, will go on to represent Walhalla at the county spelling bee in Cavalier on February 7, 2019.  Cora Carignan won the local spelling bee correctly spelling the word medicinal.  


    Site Winners Cora and Paige









Grade 4 ND Studies Posters

  • Way to go Eli and Flint..our Eagles who are SOARING this week!

    eli flint

ND Army National Guard Band

  • Tuesday, January 8 the ND Army National Guard Band entertained students grades K-12 with a 45 minute high energy performance.  They encouraged kids to move around and dance, and our kids were happy to take part.  Thank you NDANG band for sharing your talents with us today!!

Newsletter is here!

Spreading Holiday Cheer

  • On Thursday, December 20 many of our elementary students were able to spread some holiday cheer to residents at the Pembilier Nursing Center and customers at Choice Financial!!



    Preschool and K students shared a few songs at the home.



    Grades 1 and 2 shared some classic holiday tunes and a couple songs from their winter program.



    The Elementary Choir took the show on the road to both Choice Financial and the nursing center



    Gracyn and Caylee try to cheer Mrs. Claus (Kate) up with their solos



    Mr. Santa (Flint) shared his solos from the program, too! 

    GREAT JOB ALL!  Thank you for sharing your music and cheer with the community!!

  • We All Soar

    Jerik J was referred for sharing and modelling kindness by sharing his gloves with a younger student. Way to go, Jerik!

    Gavin T was referred for working hard on his fractions, and helping to teach others once he got it.

    We are proud of both these guys!  Way to go!!

    Future We All Soar awards will be published on Friday of each week both here and on the app.  We take a picture, try to make contact with a parent or guardian to share the good news, and they get a pencil from the office to celebrate their positive achievements! 




  • Today's Positive Office Recognition goes out to Caleb.  Caleb is in PK.  He helped clean up some water without even being asked.  He wanted to make sure his friends didn't slip.  Great work, Caleb.  Way to be responsible!!



  • Today we recognize Jacee!  She was nominated for the SOAR award for modeling good citizenship.  She helped her friends clean up a mess when she didn't have to.  Way to show kindness, Jacee!  We are proud of you!


  • Today we recognize Taylor.  Taylor was refferred by Mrs. Reimer for being a good friend and reassuring a younger student during a power outage.  Way to go!


  • We All Soar

    Today we recognize Christopher, for being a peacemaker at recess.  Way to use your skills Christopher.  That is awesome.  We are proud of you!!


  • We All Soar!

    Today we recognize two of our Eagles for SOARING!  

    Kate stuck around to help a friend with a mess, rather than just taking off.  She showed good citizenship and teamwork.  Way to go!



    Benjamin has been an amazing helper.  His teacher says he almost always stays to help put up chairs and put away class supplies.  His teacher Mrs. Benoit is proud of what a great helper he has been.  Good job Benjamin!!






  • Sixth and First Pair Together

    The sixth graders and first graders paired up to write Santa letters today.  It is so nice to see the older and younger students learning together!!




  • The second graders visited coral reefs using Virtual Reality googles.  Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Longtin led the expedition.  The expressions on their faces when the googles worked was the best!!



    Grade 4 Stem

    Grade 4 had a STEM challenge--to build a boat out of tin foil and other materials.  The one that held the most pennies held nearly 100 pennies!!



We All Soar

  • Today we are proud of Asher!  He is a good friend in his classroom, always cheering on his classmates when they get the answer correct, and encouraging them if they need to rethink and answer.  Great job, Asher!!  

    asher c

  • Today we are proud of Collin!  He was a good helper to a friend, and was helping in the classroom without just giving the answer.

    Way to go, Collin!  collin

  • We are proud of Rhyder G!   He was selected for the WE ALL SOAR award by one of the teachers at recess.  Rhyder saw a younger student had cold hands and was willing to share his gloves with them!   GREAT JOB Rhyder!!



  • Great job Gavin S, who was recognized by Mrs. Kartes for being a peacemaker.  Gavin intervened in a disagreement between boys that was diffused because of him.  Great job Gavin!! aaaa

Cold Weather On The Way

  • The days and nights are getting colder.  That said, it is a good time to remind everyone it is time to dress for the weather we are having. 

    If you are a family in need of clothing that fits properly, or is warm, or even just a pair of shoes.  Please check out the LOAN program.  It's confidential and there is no judgment.  


We All Soar!

  • Look at all the kids we have observed SOARING this week!!  

    I will make this a list, we have had a bunch of SOARING this week.  Proud of you all!!

    Marlee S--Showing great responsibility and citizenship, helped with gym clean up without even being asked!

    Jaelyn J--  Showing great responsibility and citizenship, helped with gym clean up without even being asked!

    Ashton--Finding a positive way to resolve a recess conflict.

    Leah-Taking time to help K students tie their shoes.

    Jayden-Taking time to teach another student a different way to tie his shoes. 

    Jennie C--Sharing her gloves so another student could have warm hands.


  • A late breaking SOARING update...LEVI J, way to go!   Levi took the time to help another boy get the swings untangled and did so safely as a good example for everyone.  Great job Levi!  


  • Congratulations Chaz!  He was recognized by one of his teachers for working so hard in math.  He is flying high and ready to take on multiplication!  

    We are proud of you, Chaz!!  Way to go!!



  • We All Soar



     Levi was recognized for displaying good teamwork and good citizenship for helping a friend find a lost assignment.  Thank you for modeling kindness, Levi!!



    Tayla was recognized for taking the time to help a kindergarten student with the milk tray in the hallway.  That shows great teamwork and is a wonderful example of showing kindness toward others.  Proud of you, Tayla!!




  • gagapit

    The Gaga Pit

    A great new addition to our playground!!  Thanks to all who made this possible!!  The HS shop kids got the first game as they were the ones who built it.  


Our Vision

  • As an elementary staff, we created our "vision" for what we want to see North Border-Walhalla Elementary become this year.  This is what we came up with.  I'm pretty proud of our staff!

    Our school strives to create a positive learning atmosphere where students can excel, families are welcomed, and all are respected.  We want our students to have a sense of excitement, wonder, and internal drive as they seek excellence in their own learning.   We take care of each other, ourselves, and aren’t afraid to share the load.  We support each other and model that support and trust for our kids.  We appreciate our kids, our staff, and our parents.  We are North Border Walhalla Elementary!


  • To help carry out our vision of a great elementary, the teachers chose a theme.  This year it is simply "BE KIND."  We will be working on kindness all year.  Students developed a kindness pledge in their classes and then signed (or will sign soon!) Gilbert as a way of promising to be kind to others.  Gilbert will be rotating from class to class, reminding us to be kind.




We All Soar!!

  • Four great kids were observed "SOARING" over the past couple of days!  

    Brody B took time to make sure one of our newest students felt welcome, and included him to join in the football game at recess.  His small act of kindness helped someone else have a great day!




    Kolter K was also nominated for including others.  He was waiting for a new student at the grade 6 door to make sure they felt welcome to join in their football game.






    David stepped in as a new friend for Lance the moment he met him, and helped him get unpacked and ready for his first day here at North Border!



    Zaiden was nominated for showing extraordinary leadership and school spirit by entertaining all the elementary kids waiting for the parade with the "Baby Shark" cheer!  






    All four of these young men make our school a better place every day.  Great job, guys!





  • I am a firm believer in kids getting positive recognition.  This year, we are doing "We all soar!" where students can be referred by a teacher or an adult for modeling self-control, hard work, courage, good attitude, teamwork, citizenship, responsibility, or honesty.

    Kaden was recognized for making good choices in the hallways and showing self control.   He was nominated by Mrs. Smith.  Good job Kaden, you set a good example for others!  



    Our first positive referral this year is Christopher L, who was nominated by Mrs. Hardy.  Christopher took the time to help a younger student who had tripped in the hallway, and he made sure the hazard was out of the way for others.  Great example, Christopher!!  Way to go!!

    We all soar!

  • The Northern Lights Scout Council representative will be at school to talk to students on Tuesday, September 4 during noon lunch.  This is for boys and girls grades K-5.  He will be holding a parent/student meeting for families interested on Wednesday, September 5 at 6 PM in the LUNCHROOM. Please use door 2 (old gym door) to enter. 

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