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  • Nick Amb, Principal
    605 10th Street
    Walhalla, ND 58282

  • Walhalla Elementary Kicks Off Reading Month

    We will be celebrating readers and reading the entire month of March here at Walhalla Elementary with a lot of fun and special activities! Our theme is March Book Madness

    We kick off on Monday, February 28 with information about the month for students. We will also be drawing for a bike to be won by one of our students. The Cavalier Masonic Lodge has generously donated 7 bikes to give away throughout the month.

    On Tuesday, March 1 we will be doing “Cozy Up To Reading” with some flashlight reading and a good book.

    Wednesday, March 2 will be BUDDY READING DAY. We are excited to have our 7-12 students pair up with us as we have kids reading and spending a bit of time with each other.

    Thursday, March 3 we will be playing BOOK BINGO at 2:45 in the cafeteria. Students can win a variety of prizes, including books, HESS toys (courtesy of the Hess Corporation), and of course— a bike!

    Our overall theme for the month is “Fairytale vs. Fractured Fairytale.” Each week, classes will be reading together two fairy tales and deciding which story should move on in the bracket— the original fairytale or the “fractured” fairytale. Each week, students will be doing a variety of other reading activities that will promote reading stamina and a love for reading. Tickets will be given to students who are doing the activities to enter into the drawing for the bike giveaways which will be held each the end of each school week (March 11, 17, and 25)

    We wrap up on March 31 with a celebration of learning with our learning clubs, and we will be giving away the final bike during that time.

    Teachers have worked hard planning these activities, we love to share our love for reading with your children. Please ask them about events during the month, we know they will be excited to tell you all the cool things that are going on at Walhalla Elementary.

    Nick Amb, Elementary Principal And Walhalla Elementary Staff

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  • The most recent edition of the Walhalla Elementary Update For Families has been posted!  Please check it out here!

  • Staying in at recess

    I would like to share with everyone expectations for our outdoor recess time.

    In general, if kids are well enough to be at school...they should be going outside.

    Obviously, for every rule there are exceptions.  For example, some kids with asthma cannot handle extreme cold air--and that is understandable.   Some kids need an extra day just to get over a bug they are fighting, which is also understandable.

    But in general, if they are in school they should be going out.  

    Fresh air, sunshine, and movement are all good for kids.  They will not get sick due to being cold.  Illnesses are spread by germs, bacteria, and viruses.  

    If you feel your child should be staying inside, please give me a call to discuss or send a note from a medical provider.  If they do stay inside, they will not be able to be in their teacher's classroom as this is one of the few times teachers have to help prepare for upcoming instruction.  If it is the noon recess they will have to hang out with me in the lunchroom, and PM recess they will need to be in my office.



    Mr. Amb



  • eagles

    The kids at recess were loving the 35 degree temps on Tuesday, and so was our proud Eagle!!

  • As an elementary staff, we created our "vision" for what we want to see North Border-Walhalla Elementary become this year.  This is what we came up with.  I'm pretty proud of our staff!

    Our school strives to create a positive learning atmosphere where students can excel, families are welcomed, and all are respected.  We want our students to have a sense of excitement, wonder, and internal drive as they seek excellence in their own learning.   We take care of each other, ourselves, and aren’t afraid to share the load.  We support each other and model that support and trust for our kids.  We appreciate our kids, our staff, and our parents.  We are North Border Walhalla Elementary!